My experience with an iPad Since switching from an Android tablet.

I've always been an Android guy....but it's hit and miss with the updates from Google, will it get the latest and greatest or will it  be one of the many that don't make the cut?

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in December 2015 and enjoyed it very much but I had it replaced under warranty for a low battery problem, once it was down to 10% of remaining power it would flicker and shut off.   Received the replacement and didn't have that problem anymore.

The Tab S2 received the Marshmallow update from Google and is on a list to receive the Nougat update, it's just not done as of this writing 1/22/16.  But I doubt it will receive anymore updates since that seems to be what happens with Samsung Products a few updates and done.

I've never owned an Apple product before and have been curious about the hardware and the software so I bought the iPad Pro 9.7 this month, I don't really store much on my Samsung tablet or my LG V10 phone so I bought the 32Gb model.  First thought once opened unwrapped and charged was the build quality seemed higher end also it started quickly when powered on so that was a plus.

The screen is amazing even though the super amoled  screen on the Samsung is great, the iPad seemed to be more realistic in color producing, the only complaint right off is with the size of the icons on the iPad, they are way to big and seem almost childlike on such an expensive product.  It would be nice to be able to resize them, but it doesn't look like Apple will allow it. (Hope they fix this with a later update).  The apps are very fluid compared to the Tab S2, opening up quickly without the occasional glitch the Samsung sometimes had.  Apps from the app store are great and many are made for the larger screen of the iPad vs iPhone.  I do however like the layout better in the Google play store.  So far so good with opening, closing and using apps on the iPad.

Next up, the sound on the iPad vs Tab S2 can't be compared, the iPad simply blows away the Tab S2 by using 4 stereo speakers vs 2 stereo speakers on the bottom of the Tab S2,  it was quite the experience once I played some music and watched a movie on Netflix.  Way to go Apple. Both front and rear cameras are great, clear pictures and 4k video with the rear camera make this a winner.

Battery life has been good, still not great but better than the Tab S2 the iPad seems to take longer to charge but it also last longer so I guess I'm good with that.   Installing it on my PC is another story, the Tab S2 installs and opens a world of easy transfers from internal or external storage, the iPad seems kind of quirky trying to get my PC to recognize it but then what's really the point since it has no external SD card to transfer to and from.   Still playing with the iCloud so I'm not sure about that yet. The iPad is so simple it almost seems confusing to me, not that it makes much sense....but a almost a month into it and I'm still trying to figure out how things work....I look forward to upgrading the current iPad once the new models come out sometime in 2017.

The take away from this is, there are good and bad about both tablets, but the iPad is the real winner here.  It just looks, sounds and handles apps so much better, I still love my S2 but the iPad has taken over.